If I’m on House Arrest (Home Confinement) am I on Lock-Down at in My House 24 Hours a Day? Can I Leave to Go to Work or School? Do I need a Special Phone Installed at Home?

Many of our clients who are charged with a federal criminal offense want to know what they can expect if they are subject to home confinement. Home confinement involves wearing a tamper-proof electronic transmitter 24 hours a day. You can leave your house to travel to court approved locations such as work, school, church, medical appointments, and visits to your lawyer. If there is no one living with you, regular travel for household necessities is permitted. You will have to home at night. There are nightly check-in responsibilities, and costs to you for each day of monitoring. There will be employment verification. You will have to disable any special features that you have on your home phone, such as call waiting, and conference calling.

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