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Hired David Schwartz for counsel in my defense during summer 2018. He provided an attentive and patient ear (navigating my first time in legal proceedings), sound and smart advice, timely/prompt responses during our collaboration, and good counsel leading to desired outcome (my record cleared). I recommend David Schwatz’s legal counsel and would hire him again (though hope never to need such counsel in the future in my own defense).


Posted on January 9, 2020

The best lawyer

I was charged with multiple felonies in Middlesex County. It seemed like the prosecutor’s office thought I was public enemy number one. I interviewed four lawyers before I decided to hire Mr. Schwartz. It was the best decision I could have made. He worked incredibly hard, always followed up me, and approached my problem in such a different way than the other lawyers. David’s presence in court was totally professional, and you could tell that the judge was highly respectful of David. The best thing was when the prosecutor put the so-called victim on the witness stand. In a single word, I can say that David’s cross examination destroyed this person. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Justice done in real time before my eyes.


Posted on January 6, 2020

The best representation

I was under federal investigation for very serious crimes relating to bank loans and mortgages. I was facing lengthy prison time and fines that would have taken every penny that I was able to earn over 24 years of hard work. I was looking at losing my children and my business. I went through two lawyers before I found Mr. Schwartz. In all honesty, I feel that Mr. Schwartz saved my life. He had in depth knowledge of the law and he was able to unwind the financial transactions that showed that the government was led down the wrong path by its informants. Mr. Schwartz was trusted as an honest advocate by the lawyers for the Justice Department. I was an emotional wreck when I first came to his office. He was a leader, he reassured me and he gave me the confidence to hang in there to see this terrible situation through to a new lease on life. I highly, highly recommend Mr. Schwartz to any one who finds themselves in deep trouble.


Posted on December 12, 2019

harassment case

I had been falsely accused by a vindictive ex-wife who, ultimately, lost custody of the kids to me. I hired David because he was engaged in the conversation we had, he knew the repercussions regarding the outcome of this case vs my custody battle and knew exactly what counter moves to make. During this case, complications arose out of her boyfriend attacking me and threatening me in front of my son. David provided me with an outstanding direction to take that situation and it worked itself out quite nicely. He’s got great wisdom of human nature and an even greater working knowledge of the law, which he thoroughly put to great use in my case. I would recommend David every time to someone looking for a lawyer. I would return to him should the occasion presented itself again.


Posted on December 9, 2019

Very Knowledgeable and easy to work with

I had a very good experience working with David Schwartz after I had been arrested for drug possession and a DUI. I highly recommend him. Would work with him again if need be. He knows what he’s doing and he’s a nice guy to work with. Good energy, calm, laid back and sure of himself.


Posted on December 9, 2019

Mr. Schwartz was extremely knowledgeable, he took the time necessary to review my case, determine the best strategy, as well as his excellent skills regarding depositions. He is a great trial lawyer and the hearings/trials all resulted in successful outcomes. I believe it is only because of Mr. Schwartz’s dedication and knowledge that we were able to achieve these successful outcomes. I would highly recommend him to anyone. As a side note, he is also a very kind mind. If I had a need in the future for representation, Mr. Schwartz is the only person I would come to for help.


Posted on July 30, 2015

Mr Schwartz represented me in domestic violence case. His cross examination of the “victim” show that she was a total liar. The judge dismissed the case against me. David did a fine job for me. I recommend him to anyone.


Posted on July 29, 2015

How Can We Help You

David helped me during a very trying time in my life. I found him to be professional, informative and trustworthy. Anyone needing legal help would be well represented by David. David answered all my questions, explained the proceedings and kept me calm. David was truly an advocate for me and my rights.


Posted on July 29, 2015

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Mr. Schwartz was able to get me out of a situation recently. His honesty, professionalism, and ethical way of practicing law was outstanding! I have never had any legal trouble before and never realized the amount of work that went into something like this. His attention to detail was incredible! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top professional attorney!!


Posted on July 29, 2015

Mr. Schwartz represented me in a complicated criminal case that involved mortgages that I applied for in 2009. The banks made several mistakes in processing my mortgage application. The information that I gave to my mortgage broker was accurate, but the broker twisted it for his own purposes. Mr. Schwartz was able to see through all of the dense technicalities in the paperwork and and was able to show the government that I did nothing wrong. I was not charged with a crime. This lawyer saved my career and my life. I recommend him to anyone. He also made me confident in the outcome so I could go about my daily life and not fall apart worrying about my future.

Anne Marie

Posted on July 27, 2015


I would highly recommend David/team.He is personable ,compassionate ,brilliant through,dedicated and knowledgeable in his field,reasonable cost.He answered all my questions/concerns so i could understand.I was about 2 lose my nursing license ,God used DAVID,I kept them.i also was involved in a hit/run,serious hope.David made sure i receive justice.HE is not only a excellent attorney,great father.when they represent u become a part of their family. GOD BLESS HIM.


Posted on October 26, 2014

Great lawyer – really went to bat for me!

David Schwartz is a fantastic lawyer. He was my attorney in a criminal case and he gave me the strongest defense. I was so nervous when I first came to his office. He calmed me down immediately and listened closely to the circumstances of my case, as well as my concerns. He was very assertive and filed motions which eventually led to the dismissal of my charges. After the case was over I hired him to expunge my record. I feel like I have a new life! I highly recommend David Schwartz!


Posted on October 19, 2014

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There’s A Reason Why Ms. Posnock Has Such Positive Reviews

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and given a ticket as a result. This being my first accident, I was at a loss on how best to proceed. I called numerous law firms around NJ and was very disappointed by how many lawyers attempted to scare me into hiring them (“You could even get hit with jail time if things don’t go your way!” etc..).

Ms. Posnock was a breath of fresh air – She was upfront, patient, and best of all, honest. She took the time to explain the details of my case. She went over all the possible outcomes and reassured me every step of the way. She showed up to court on time and was able to significantly reduce my charge to a no point ticket.

Of course, the exact results may vary depending on the case. But given how professional and thorough she was on something as “minor” as a traffic ticket, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to handle any criminal defense cases as well.

At the end of the day, you want a lawyer who takes the time to view you as a person … not as a paycheck. Ms. Posnock is a reminder that there are lawyers out there who haven’t forgotten that their clients are people too.


Posted on August 6, 2019

My Journey

To make a very long story short something I never thought would happen did. I ended up facing criminal charges at a state level, had a warrant, and found myself spending a day incarceration. My family was fortune enough to have come across Leslie Posnock & her firm. Without even knowing me or taking any funds she quickly helped my family during my incarceration without any hesitation. She took constant phone calls from my mom let her know when I was going to court and when they should expect me to be released. To be honest there was more communication on the outside then i knew in the inside. We met the very next day and fully went through everything in great detail. I was surprised by how thorough she was, and we discussed the terms of probation; however this all ended with the best result possible. The charges were ultimately dismissed, signed off by a judge and there was an immediate expungement. I can confidently say that I have never been convicted of a crime and all of my fingerprints, and photographs have been destroyed. This result would not have been possible without the assistance of Leslie and her firm. They all worked diligently on my case and was always available for a quick phone call or an email. Leslie was worth every single penny and without her none of this would be possible for today. I would highly recommend her to absolutely anyone who is looking for a criminal lawyer. She was able to get all of my criminal charges dismissed and its almost like this whole event never happened. I can confidently fill out a job application online and hit the option for “never being convicted of a crime”. All of that is possible today because of Leslie and her firm. My horrible nightmare finally ended that day in the courtroom after the judge signed those papers. I am able to have a fresh start and new beginning because of Leslie. If your questioning whether or not to hire her that shouldn’t even be a thought. She is worth every penny with getting her clients the best possible outcome so don’t question not choosing her because of funds. What happened that day in the courthouse couldn’t be bought or paid off, but hiring one of the best attorneys will get you the best outcome there is!


Posted on May 27, 2020

Expert Representation from Ms. Leslie Posnock

Engaging Ms. Posnock was a great decision. Her expert handling of our matter resulted in the best outcome we could have hoped for. She provided clear expert guidance and did a great job negotiating a favorable result.


Posted on April 15, 2018

Excellent lawyer — best outcome

I hired Ms. Posnock for 2 cases this year with Hit and run(with 5 other traffic offenses) and Careless driving. All charges were dismissed and I am very happy with the outcome. She is extremely skilled lawyer and I would recommend her to anyone. She is a true expert and I’m thankful for all her support throughout the entire process.


Posted on November 29, 2017

Outstanding Representation

Recently, we were required to seek legal representation due to motor vehicle charges filed against me. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Leslie Posnock Esq., who accepted my request for representation. She was honest and explained that although I had a clean record, it would be difficult to have the charges reduced, let alone dismissed. We were prepared for the inevitable.
We were due to be heard with little or no hope for anything other than a reduced plea. However, due to the wonderful representation by Ms. Posnock, and compassion from the Prosecutor, we left the Courthouse with all charges dismissed.
Although the results could have been very different, I feel that due to Ms. Posnock’s outstanding representation and persistence, we were successful in our hearing. I highly recommend her for her honesty, integrity and legal knowledge. Hopefully, we will never need her services again, but if required, she will be the Party we will seek.
Thanks again to Ms.Leslie Posnock esq. for an outstanding job…

Richard S.

Posted on November 14, 2017

Would Recommend

I used Leslie’s services twice last year- once for an incident involving my 14 year old son and once for representation a traffic matter. On both occasions I was delighted with Leslie’s responsiveness, knowledge and the ultimate outcome. Hopefully I will not need to contact a lawyer often in the future but I would not hesitate to engage Leslie again for any incident requiring legal guidance. The bonus is that in addition to respecting her as a professional attorney I genuinely like her as a person.


Posted on November 11, 2017

Thorough and Professional

From our first conversation, it was clear that Leslie knew what she was well spoken, knowledgeable and professional. She set realistic expectations for my outcome that we were able to exceed. Her attention to detail required the prosecutor to do his job and check all boxes, some I didn’t even know existed. The prosecutor ultimately unable to do his job, I got an acquittal, and have Leslie to thank for it.


Posted on November 9, 2017

Remarkably Skilled attorney

I had a very complicated case, with many bizarre twists and turns. Leslie saw the general course of the case from the very beginning, and while keeping her eye on the safest outcome for me, she adapted to every turn the case took. She is, quite simply, a brilliant, remarkably gifted lawyer. She was also compassionate, humane, and quick to respond to every question I had. As I became more negative and hysterical, Leslie patiently calmed me down and reassured me. She was cool, poised, hyper-rational and completely committed to protecting me. She steered the case to the best possible outcome and I am profoundly grateful to her. My only complaint is that she doesn’t also have a medical degree. If I could find a doctor with her skills, I’d never have to worry about anything.


Posted on September 17, 2017

Great Service

Very Experienced and professional law firm. Job well done.
Would highly recommend.


Posted on July 22, 2017


Leslie is an exceptional lawyer and a wonderful person. What impressed me the most about her was her relentless ability to attack the case from multiple angles. I was in a very complicated situation and she managed to get me out.


Posted on May 8, 2015

Leslie Posnock – The very first lawyer to contact when counsel is needed.

Leslie Posnock exceeded my expectations in resolving my case and finding the best possible outcome that would benefit me and my family. Leslie’s knowledge of the law and her tireless effort to keep fighting for me when I thought I was in a hopeless situation has earned her 5 stars in my review of her services. Leslie is not afraid to lock horns with a prosecutor when she sees that a better outcome is possible, regardless of what is deemed mandatory by law. I have and will continue to recommend her as the counsel to contact when unfortunate issues occur with law enforcement. I can’t say enough about Leslie, but the most important thing I will say, is she genuinely cared about my situation and what could happen to me and my family. Leslie pulled out all the stops to find a way to better my situation when my future looked bleak. Leslie should be your first point of contact when you find yourself in a situation where you must seek counsel. I could go on and on about all the hard work she put in to better my case, but I think this enough for anyone to understand the quality lawyer you are getting by reaching out to Leslie for her expertise in such matters.

They are attorneys that go over and beyond of what is expected!!!


Posted on February 27, 2015

My experience with Leslie Posnock has been nothing short of exceptional. Leslie has represented and counseled me through many financial matters and traffic violations. She very reliable and has always been prompt and efficient in response and resolution to all matters. I strongly recommend Leslie to anyone seeking legal counsel.


Posted on August 21, 2015

This is my first encounter with the US legal system and Miss. Posnock made is very easy with her extreme knowledge and experience in Legal arena****

We were visiting NJ and got into an accident and got several Traffic tickets and we had to leave back to the state of IL. I contacted Miss. Posnock for out of state traffic violations. The day I contacted her over the phone from IL, she understood my issue and explained me the overall process. She even assured me that she will help us resolve this matter without coming to NJ. This saved me lot of time and efforts that I would have invested coming for the court date all the way from Chicago. We communicated over the phone and email and she was very responsive is the overall communication.

She not just helped us resolve this traffic violation matter without travelling to NJ but also she helped us bring the overall fine down to minimum.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who want a very good, knowledgeable and a responsive attorney.

Thanks a lot Miss. Posnock!!


Posted on October 24, 2014

Professional and Caring

I got myself into some trouble. I found Leslie through a GLBT-friendly directory. Leslie was honest, and sensitive to my situation. She fought hard for me. More importantly, she helped me keep the entire situation in perspective.


Posted on October 21, 2014

So happy that I chose Ms. Posnock for my criminal case!

Leslie Posnock is a fantastic lawyer. She listened carefully to the details of my criminal case, and together we came up with a strategy to fight the charges against me. And boy did she fight! Due to her intelligence and great experience, I got an excellent result, which allowed me to resume my life. I am forever grateful and would suggest that anyone with a criminal charge hire Leslie Posnock!


Posted on October 19, 2014

Leslie Posnock – An excellent attorney

I have consistently been satisfied when using this law firm. Very professional. Very caring attorneys who truly care about helping their clients.


Posted on October 15, 2014

Excellent lawyer

Ms. Posnock got my conviction expunged. She was courteous and always answered all of my questions. I was really happy with the results of my case. She is an excellent lawyer.


Posted on March 23, 2013

Leslie is a talented and skillful attorney who has a great courtroom presence and a particular talent for writing Legal Briefs, Motions and other documents. I was truly happy with her work and would not hesitate to use her services again and to recommend her as an attorney.


Posted on July 12, 2013

Thorough and Professional

From our first conversation, it was clear that Leslie knew what she was well spoken, knowledgeable and professional. She set realistic expectations for my outcome that we were able to exceed. Her attention to detail required the prosecutor to do his job and check all boxes, some I didn’t even know existed. The prosecutor ultimately unable to do his job, I got an acquittal, and have Leslie to thank for it.


Posted on November 9, 2017

Leslie is a brilliant attorney. Her combination of detail-orientation, knowledge of the law, and creativity have led to me winning under her watch with a 100% success rate. I highly recommend Leslie to everyone. Consider yourself blessed to have Leslie in your corner.


Posted on November 6, 2012

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