Underage Alcohol Bash Busted: Know the Risks before Your Wild Weekend Down the Shore, and Contact an Experienced NJ Criminal Lawyer if You’re Arrested.

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New Jersey teens have been renting houses down the Jersey Shore to celebrate Summer for years. This type of partying almost always includes participation in underage drinking and sometimes minor drug use, such as smoking recreational substances like Marijuana. The consequences for this type of activity are often overlooked amidst the excitement it brings, and youth need to consider the potential outcome of their behavior.

In the typical case teens rent a residence, and are accused of underage drinking, drug use, or other Municipal Court charges after police responded to noise complaints by neighbors. Partiers often face alcohol-related charges like driving under the influence, assault, and public urination.

The consequences of a thrill-seeking  party can affect you or your child’s future in serious ways. Those charged as a result of an arrest at an after-prom party may face  ordinance violations, disorderly persons offenses, and juvenile court charges. These charges will result in a trip to the local Municipal Court, or even, at times, a New Jersey Superior Court.

Background checks are inescapable among employers. Individuals applying for jobs will be screened for even the most minute convictions. The colleges and universities these teens are looking to attend in the Fall are also extremely interested in their accepted applicants’ compliance with the law. In addition, this type of criminal conviction can also impact your ability to drive. Your license can be suspended or delayed. Overall, it is essential that you engage an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight charges against you or your child.

For individuals who are facing prosecution or sentencing in the New Jersey Juvenile Courts, Municipal Courts and Superior Court, it is critical to have an experienced state and Municipal Court New Jersey criminal attorney represent you. The experienced criminal defense lawyers of Schwartz & Posnock appear in all State and Municipal criminal courts throughout the State of New Jersey, and have convenient locations in Monmouth County (Eatontown), Essex County (Livingston), Union County (Linden), and Middlesex County (East Brunswick). Call us at 732-544-1460 or email us at info@schwartzposnock.com to schedule an appointment.

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