Tearing Down the Blue Wall of Silence: Contact an Experienced NJ Civil Rights Lawyer if You’re a Victim of Police Brutality.

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As local citizens, we happily believe that the New Jersey police force fights for the security and well-being of our community. Nobody likes to consider the unfortunate reality that local law enforcement officers do sometimes abuse their power. The excessive use of force by police is pervasive in the media today, and is dismantling the trust between local citizens and their police force.

From Rodney King to Philando Castile, and variations between, the problem of police brutality is real.

If you have been subjected to New Jersey police brutality, you should contact a NJ State and Federal Civil Rights attorney right away. Typically, victims of police assault and abuse only obtain justice by filing a legal complaint. Police brutality, police intimidation, and verbal abuse are common sources of complaints. These cases include physical attacks, firearm-related complaints, taser-related complaints, and complaints involving police dogs, vehicles, or chemical weapons.  A Civil Rights attorney can aid you in attaining the best results for your police brutality case.

If the police have used excessive force against you, call the Civil Rights attorneys at Schwartz & Posnock. The experienced Civil Rights lawyers of Schwartz & Posnock appear in all State and Federal courts throughout the State of New Jersey, and have convenient locations in Monmouth County (Eatontown), Essex County (Livingston), Union County (Linden), and Middlesex County (East Brunswick). Call us at 732-544-1460 or email us at info@schwartzposnock.com to schedule an appointment.

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