Recent police shootings and allegations of brutality and excessive force by law enforcement have given rise to a demand that police-citizen encounters be contemporaneously video recorded. The New Jersey Legislature has met this challenge, and, on March 12, 2015, all police vehicles in the State of New Jersey will be required to have mobile video recording systems.

The new mandate will help greatly in cases where traffic violations, criminal offenses, and police misconduct are alleged, and should provide useful and objective evidence for both defense attorneys and prosecutors.

The new system will be funded by a $25 increase in Driving While Intoxicated penalties.

For individuals who are facing state criminal prosecution or sentencing, drunk driving cases, or traffic matters in the Municipal or Superior courts of New Jersey, or who are appealing their criminal matters before Superior Court, the New Jersey Appellate Division, or the Supreme Court of New Jersey, it is critical to have an experienced municipal and state New Jersey criminal defense attorney represent you. The experienced criminal defense lawyers of Schwartz & Posnock appear in all State and Municipal criminal courts in New Jersey, and have convenient locations in Monmouth County (Eatontown), Essex County (Livingston), Union County (Linden), and Middlesex County (East Brunswick). Call us at 732-544-1460 or email us at to schedule an appointment.