The NJ criminal lawyers of Schwartz & Posnock achieved a major victory in the Morris County and Essex County Superior Courts, which will not only protect society, but will also drastically improve an individual client’s quality of life, health, and well-being. Our client was charged with 3 first degree crimes, worth potentially 60 total years in prison, after attempting to rob three banks in two counties. The defendant was a college student with no prior criminal record and extensive family support who, unfortunately, struggled with a severe heroin addiction. After presenting our client’s comprehensive background and addiction history to the judge, our client’s cases were consolidated, and he was offered the opportunity to be placed on probation and attend Drug Court.

Drug Courts were created with the mission to stop the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and related criminal activity. They are rigorous court programs that require intensive supervision through frequent drug testing and court appearances, along with a structured regimen of treatment and recovery services. When participants cannot comply with the program, criminal proceedings can be reinstated. After graduating from Drug Court, an individual is able to re-enter society, in many instances without bearing the stigma of a criminal record, and frequently with a clean slate to begin an addiction-free life. You can find more information on Drug Court in New Jersey here.

If you or a loved one are in trouble with the law because of a drug-related history or a current addiction, obtaining a criminal record is NOT your only option. Contact the experienced criminal attorneys at Schwartz & Posnock to fight for your defense and be by your side as you begin the recovery process!

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