With the Summer of 2014 winding down, the U.S. Park Rangers at Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook National Recreation Area will be out in force, arresting beachgoers for suspected lewdness, disorderly conduct, as well as drug use and possession. Unfortunately, most Gunnison beach lovers do not realize that if they are arrested at Sandy Hook they face federal criminal charges. If you are charged with an offense occurring at Gunnison Beach or anywhere on the Sandy Hook Recreation Area, that offense will be prosecuted in the United States District Court in Newark, before Federal Magistrate Anthony Mautone.

The handling of these matters is particularly sensitive, due to the potential consequences of a conviction on your permanent record, including its effect on your current employment, future employment prospects (since background checks are now standard in most industries), admission into college, or admission into the graduate program of your choice.

In defending your case, we will obtain the reports of the Park Rangers, investigate the charges, and meet with you to discuss the best strategy for obtaining a positive result.

We have successfully handled Gunnison Beach / Sandy Hook cases for over 20 years. Our results have ranged from out-right dismissals to downgrades of the charges that carry little consequences to our clients. If you have been charged with an offense allegedly occurring at Sandy Hook, call our experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyers, who can protect your rights and protect your future. Please call Schwartz & Posnock to schedule an appointment at any of our four convenient offices, in Eatontown, East Brunswick, Linden, and in Livingston, N.J.