Wrongful Arrest and False Imprisonment: 5 Facts Experienced NJ Criminal and Civil Rights Lawyers Want You to Know!

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Documenting accurate numbers of people who are falsely accused of crimes is nearly impossible. We tend to only take second looks only at those who are convicted of serious crimes including murder or rape and those who are sentenced to life in prison or given the death penalty. We tend not to know how many innocent individuals are in jail from crimes like car theft, tax fraud, federal bribery, and other less-threatening offenses, although, nation-wide, the U.S. Justice Department estimates that 5% of inmates may not be guilty of the crimes for which they were convicted.

Being falsely accused of a crime is a serious issue. While much of our legal system is based on justice and truth, it does not always work out fairly. Your life can be changed forever.

Here are 5 things you should know in order to fully protect yourself if you are falsely accused:

Under the constitution, you have a right to be free from all civil rights violations including: false arrest, police violence and abuse, and false imprisonment.

  1. When you are arrested, you have an absolute right to a lawyer. You are not expected to talk to the police without your lawyer present.
  2. It can be useful to get the names and badge numbers of any police officers involved in your arrest.
  3. It is legal to take videotapes of people being arrested. This exposes the public to police corruption more often, changing the trajectory of their cases.
  4. If you are injured, ensure that the police make an injury report. You have the right to be taken to a hospital if you believe you were assaulted by the police.

Finding a skilled and qualified attorney to represent you if you have been falsely arrested is critical to gaining your freedom and returning your life to you. If you have been wrongfully arrested or falsely accused, contact the skilled attorneys at Schwartz & Posnock. The experienced criminal defense and Civil Rights lawyers of Schwartz & Posnock appear in all State, Federal, and Municipal criminal courts throughout the State of New Jersey, and have convenient locations in Monmouth County (Eatontown), Essex County (Livingston), Union County (Linden), and Middlesex County (East Brunswick). Call us at 732-544-1460 or email us at info@schwartzposnock.com to schedule an appointment.

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