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Juvenile Court is both a Criminal Court and a problem-solving court. We offer creative and compassionate solutions to your child’s juvenile delinquency issues, as well as a hard-nosed, aggressive defense of the charges against your child.

The New Jersey criminal lawyers at Schwartz & Posnock are skilled trial attorneys with nearly 30 years of experience in Juvenile Court delinquency matters, including charges ranging from possession of marijuana, criminal mischief, simple assault, shoplifting, theft, and criminal trespass, to attempted murder, sexual assault, and drug distribution. A juvenile court adjudication can have far-reaching consequences. Although Family Court records are sealed, they are still available to the courts and police agencies, and can preclude a young adult from pursuing a military, law enforcement, or government career. Further, juvenile adjudications can lead to stringent probation conditions or jail terms.

As New Jersey criminal lawyers, we approach juvenile court cases in the same rigorous and forceful manner as we approach our criminal cases. As with our adult clients, we will protect your child’s interests by filing motions to suppress statements and physical evidence, motions to dismiss complaints, and motions to compel discovery, among others.


As juvenile defense attorneys, we act as your child’s voice in court, recommending care, treatment and guidance consistent with your child’s best interest. We will arrange appropriate psychological services and counseling. In many instances, we can resolve your child’s case by way of a deferred disposition, which will prevent him or her from obtaining a juvenile delinquency adjudication. We will aggressively seek to minimize the impact of a juvenile court charge upon your child. We will also work to expunge your child’s record of juvenile convictions.

If, based on your child’s age, juvenile delinquency record, or seriousness of the crime alleged, the State seeks to treat your child as an adult, our juvenile court attorneys will fight to keep the prosecutor from waiving the case to the adult Criminal Court, where the consequences – and jail sentences – are much more severe.

We are familiar with Juvenile Court procedure, and are available to represent your child throughout the State of New Jersey. We will fully investigate your child’s case, aggressively represent him or her, and work with you and your child to find the best possible solution to his or her problem.

Having an experienced, aggressive juvenile delinquency lawyer is critical to the success of defending a Juvenile Court case, where your child’s liberty and future are at stake.

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