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If, after a trial, or even after a guilty plea, you have been convicted of a crime in the Superior Court of New Jersey, a Federal crime, or a disorderly persons offense or Municipal ordinance violation in the New Jersey Municipal Court, you have the right to appeal your conviction to a higher court. The experienced New Jersey criminal lawyers at Schwartz & Posnock can file a criminal appeal to protect your constitutional rights.

The purpose of a criminal appeal is to challenge your conviction, or sometimes, your sentence. Appeals are extremely time-sensitive. For example, in Municipal Court, an appeal must be filed within 20 days, and in the Superior Court Criminal Division, an appeal must be filed within 45 days. In Federal court, your criminal appeal must filed within 14 days. You must file an appeal within a statutorily mandated deadline, or you will be barred from seeking relief from your criminal conviction. In some instances, you can file an interlocutory appeal while your case is still active, in order to reverse a court’s error and proceed to trial or dismissal. For this reason, it is important that you hire an experienced appellate criminal attorney who is familiar with the requirements of the appellate process and fully conversant in the criminal law. Our criminal lawyers can quickly obtain necessary documents, review transcripts, and expertly determine which issues should be raised in winning a criminal appeal.

Among the issues which may be raised on a criminal appeal are incorrect jury instructions given by the trial judge, the admission or exclusion of evidence in violation of procedural or evidential rules, wrongfully decided motions to suppress evidence, and mistakes in computation of jail time, leading to excessive sentences.

Further, if you are serving a prison or jail sentence as a result of your Federal criminal conviction, State criminal conviction, or Municipal Court disorderly persons conviction, we can make a motion for bail, for your release from custody pending appeal.

Our experienced criminal appellate lawyers can quickly spot the issues relevant to your appeal. We will research your case, and write legal briefs to demonstrate to an appellate court the manner in which legal errors were made. We have successfully argued numerous appeals in the New Jersey Superior Court (of Municipal Court convictions), in the Appellate courts of New Jersey, and in the Federal Appellate courts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and California.

The results of a successful appeal can be dramatic. For example in State v. Alex Grant, a murder case, our firm was successful in having our client’s indictment dismissed based on prejudicial actions by law enforcement and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. In United States v. Logar, a federal appeal, a $10,000,000 restitution order was reversed and remanded for a determination of the defendant’s ability to pay. Our skilled and experienced criminal appellate lawyers will work to overturn your criminal conviction or reduce your sentence.

Having an experienced, aggressive criminal lawyer is critical to the success of a criminal appeal, in New Jersey and in the Federal Courts, where your liberty, job, and reputation are at stake. We have offices in Essex County, Union County, Middlesex County, and Monmouth County to serve your needs.

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